Unified Management of your Virtualization/Cloud Platforms. VMWare, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, AWS, OpenStack.
Data center administrators are struggling to manage multiple hypervisor silos and private cloud initiatives. The adoption of public cloud resources like AWS outside the data center is only making the problem worse. Down in the trenches, administration is splintered across a huge number of tools and technologies, making day-to-day management inefficient, unnecessarily complex and error prone. This dramatically limits IT’s agility, and keeps costs high

  • Consolidate management under a "single pane of glass" across platforms
  • Manage, monitor and troubleshoot the full VM lifecycle from one console
  • Orchestrate your server pools, storage, and networks from a single place
  • Extend your data center management to Amazon Web Services
  • Automate your infrastructure based on policy
  • Orchestrate and provision your resources with Virtual Data Centers

Diplomat Cloud Connector: Protect file transfers with automated OpenPGP

Thru: deploys to meet your needs: Cloud Secure Managed File Transfer with Salesforce, Sharepoint, My Dropbox etc.

MOVEit: Managed File Transfer with File-Based Automation

Cloud Managed File Transfer with
Reliable and Secure Business Integration

Secure Thru Dropbox™: Receive or Send Large Files from Users outside your Organization Securely with Enterprise Dropbox

Replace McAfee® E-Business Server? Migrate OpenPGP encryption

Diplomat OpenPGP CE: Automate file encryption with free OpenPGP Tool

PCI Compliant PCI Managed File Transfer

VMWare selects thru: Integrated Managed Global File Exchange with Salesforce

Thru sidepanel for outlook: Seamless Integration with Outlook Client

MOVEit Central File-Based Automation: Quickly and easily create file-based tasks without programming

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Ad Hoc/Employee File Transfer

Ad hoc file transfer solutions provide users with an intuitive interface or email plugin that enables them to send files quickly

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Automated File-based Transfer

Automate tasks like pushing and pulling files to/from any FTP server based on events or schedule, manipulating/ transforming file content, managing files for transfer, storage or deletion.

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Secure Managed File Transfer

A comprehensive solution for file transfer across businesses and enterprises. Lets you manage how sensitive information is sent between partners, customers, employees, and systems.

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